Resource Guide for Japanese Language Students: Level 3

This is a guide for teachers and students who are interested in finding reading/visual materials appropriate for their language level in Japanese available in the Univ. of Kansas Libraries..

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This page is recommended for those enrolled in either JPN 504 or JPN 508. The books are a step up in difficulty, in terms of grammar, as well as simply kanji having no furigana. Most stories still include furigana for Kanji but a few don't have any at all. These books are good knowledge checks on the way forward to advanced levels of Japanese. 

NEW BOOKS !! 短編集

Level 3 Books


This box lists books on the history of Japan, published by the National Museum of Japanese History for children. Furigana is added to kanji characters.

This collection provides rubi for most of kanji characters and extensive annotations.

This chidren's literature series is published in the collaboration among four publishers. They are categorized into 3 groups by the level of difficulty. Level A is for K-1 and K-2, Level B is for K-3 and K-4, Level C is designed for K-5 and above.

大人が楽しむ絵本: Picture Books for Adults

These picture books are targeted towards adults for its blunt humor, dark themes and contents. The stories include kanas for most kanjis. 

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This series is designed for children ages of 10 and above. Furigana is added to difficult kanji characters.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3


10 volume set of Japanese classic famous literature, based on the animation series with the same title. Designed for 3-4th grade students. Kana is provided to almost of kanji characters. Each volume has approx. 90 pages.

Call number: PZ49.2 .A55 1996 vol. 1-10, East Asian Library

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子どものための本: ポプラ社文庫(丸二つ)

子どものための本: ポプラ社文庫(丸二つ)

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子どものための本: ポプラ社文庫(丸三つ/四つ)

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30 volumes of a collection of famous Japanese literature, fiction, legends, folktales, etc with colored illustrations by popular contemporary artists. Kana is provided alongside the kanji for easy reading. Search KU Online catalog with call number PZ49.2 .S56 1970 for more titles.

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This box lists books on the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, occurred on March 11, 2011.