Resource Guide for Japanese Language Students: Bilingaul

This is a guide for teachers and students who are interested in finding reading/visual materials appropriate for their language level in Japanese available in the Univ. of Kansas Libraries..


Doraemon, a blue cat-shaped robot with no ears was created in the year 2112. He rode a time machine to go back into time to meet Nobita. He helps Nobita to gain confidence through Doraemon's help and future gadgets that come out of his "4-D (Fourth Dimensional) pocket" on his tummy. (Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi)

Gegege no Kitaro

The story follows the adventures of Kitaro and other goblins or "yokai" to help the world where humans and yokais live in a peaceful coexistence society. (Supernatural, Horror, Black Humor)

Survival in the Office

The series is formatted in a four-cell manga or "yonkoma manga." The story follows everyday mundane lives of different "OLs" or "office ladies" in Japan. (Comedy)