Resource Guide for Japanese Language Students: DVDs

This is a guide for teachers and students who are interested in finding reading/visual materials appropriate for their language level in Japanese available in the Univ. of Kansas Libraries..

Beginner Level - Short Films 「しばわんこの和のこころ」

「しばわんこの和のこころ」 is a series of illustrated picture books created by Kawaura Yoshie. The story depics the life of a Shiba Inu called "Shibawanko" and a Calico cat called "Mikenyanko" and their friends while introducing a variety of Japanse traditions. The animated version was broadcasted by NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) from 2006 to 2007. Each episode is approx. 2 min. Japanese only. Region Code 2.

Intermediate Level - Animes with English subtitles

Intermediate Level - Educational/Documentary Films with English Subtitles

KU has approx. 120 DVDs which introduce Japan from a variety of aspects, such as modern technology, business, traditional culture and history, produced by NHK (Japan's national public broadcasting corporation). Each DVD is between 20 to 50 min and is in Japanese with English subtitles. Search KU onilne catalog for more titles.

Advanced Level - Films with English Subtitles

Advanced Level - Anime: Japanese Dialogue Only

Advanced Level - Documentary Films : Japanese Dialogue Only

Find Films at KU Libraries

KU Libraries have been collecting films pertining to the study of Japan for research and teaching purpose. The collection covers a variety of generes and subjects, from anime to zen mostly in DVD and VHS format. Most of DVDs are available at Watson Video Collection area (3F), but some films are located at branch libraries, such as Art & Architecture, Music, and Anschutz Library. All VHS tapes have been moved to Annex Storage, but they can be retrieved and checked out upon retrieval request. All films are searchable via KU Online Catalog:
KU Library Catalog:  Search Help

KU Libraries also provide access to streaming video services. For more information about the service, please check here.

  • For selected list of documentary films, click here:
  • For selected list of feature films, click here.

Please note:

  • The films acquired from Japan may be in Japanese language only. Please read the bibliographic information on the film to identify if the material is in English dialogue or contains English subtitles.
  • The DVDs acquired from Japan are often in Region Code 2, which is different from the US. Your personal DVD player (Region Code 1) may not be able to play the DVD.
  • The DVDs are contained in a case with a lock. Users are required to check them out at the Circuation Desk for use.
  • The PCs at the KU Libraries are all equipped with VLC media player which can play DVDs irrespective of their region codes.
  • A VHS player is also available at the third floor of Watson. Please ask the Circulation Desk. VHS players are not available at Anschutz nor the Art & Architecture Library.
  • Watson Library provides headphones. Please ask the Circulation Desk.
  • Unless reserved, films are usually available for checkout for one week with $2.00 per day overdue charge (maxing out at $20.00 total).
  • KU Libraries is also procuring some Blu-ray titles, but the University of Kansas overall does not have much of instructional support for this format. Users are expected to use their own players.