*Japanese Studies General Guide: Japan Studies Faculty and Courses

Provides a starting point for Japan Studies, including resources to find books, articles, newspapers, and web resources.

2014 Spring Japan (East Asia) Studies Courses - Undergrad

Under Construction.

2014 Spring Japan (East Asian) Studies Course - Grad

ANTH775: Seminar Cultural Anthropology” Gendered Modernity & Development East Asia

COMS557: East Asian Communications

EALC541/FMS541/EALC841/FMS841: Asian Film

EALC570/LING570: The Structures of Japanese

EALC 589/HIST589: Japan Since 1945

EALC 590: Topics in East Asian Language & Culture

EALC 801/JPN801: Direct4ed Readings

HA503: Japanese Prints

HA589: History of Art – Japanese Art Encounters with Europe and US

HIST605/EALC590: Medieval Japan

HIST747: East Asian History and Cultural Teachers



Japan (East Asia) Studies Faculty

Anderson, Christopher W.

Associate Professor, School of Business
International finance, corporate finance, contracting and governance; international expertise in capital markets in Japan and South America

Baskett, Michael

Associate Professor, Film & Media Studies
Asian films, particularly Japanese, silent and early world cinema, colonial and diasporic cinemas, film/media history and criticism, and postcolonial film studies

Butler, James J. Jr.

Senior Scientist, Kansas Geological Survey
Well hydraulics, direct-push methods for hydrostratigraphic characterization, ground-water flow and transport in heterogeneous formations, stream-aquifer interactions, phreatophytes. Experience in China, Korea, and Japan.

Childs, Margaret H.

Associate Professor, East Asian Language & Cultures
Pre-modern Japanese literature, Japanese language pedagogy

Fiorentino, Robert

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

Fowler, Sherry

Associate Professor, Art History
Japanese art history, Buddhist art history

Gabriele, Alison

Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Second language acquisition

Gerbert, Elaine T.

Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Modern Japanese literature, play in Japan, translation, Japanese language pedagogy

Graham, Patricia J.

Research Associate, Center for East Asian Studies
Japanese art history, Japanese devotional site

Kaneko, Maki

Assistant Professor, Art History
20th-century and contemporary Japanese art history

Lindsey, William Robert

Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
Religion in Japan; popular religious expression and ritual in the Tokugawa period

Minai, Utako

Assistant Professor, Linguistics
First Language Acquisition, Child Language

Mitsugi, Sanako

Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Psycholinguistics, L2 sentence processing, second language acquisition

Nam, Yoonmi

Associate Professor, Art
Drawing, printmaking, painting, and installation art; Japanese woodblock printing methods

Rath, Eric

Associate Professor, History
Premodern Japan; social and cultural history, especially traditional Japanese theater, foodways, and urban agriculture; Tibetan history

Slusser, Dale

Assistant Vice President, Development, Kansas University Endowment Association
Japanese culture and tea ceremony

Takeyama, Akiko

Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Commercialization of feelings, emotions, and romantic relationships

Uchiyama, Benjamin

Assistant Professor, History
Social and cultural history of wartime Japan