*Japanese Studies General Guide: Study Abroad Japan

Provides a starting point for Japan Studies, including resources to find books, articles, newspapers, and web resources.

Study in Japan

Japanese Museums

This page provides information about Japan's museums which are must see on your visit to Japan!

Japanese Culture and Art

See the sites below to start exploring Japanese culture and art.

Recommended travel blogs

Travelers to Japan have left their impressions of their travels for others to benefit from. See if you get some travel ideas from their experiences.


Welcome to the Japanese study abroad page! On this page you will find practical resources to facilitate a smooth, productive and fun study abroad and travel experience in Japan as well as links to learn about Korean language and culture.

Transportation in Japan

Japan has perhaps the most modern and efficient transportation system in the world. Use the links below to help plan your trip.

Learn Japanese Language Online

There are many resources for learning Japanese online including podcasts and other multimedia resources that can improve facility with the language. Some sites require a paid membership, while others are entirely free.

Hotels & Hostels

Recommended Movies and Documentaries

Country profile

Online travel guides

Visa Information