*Japanese Studies General Guide: Other Exhibitions

Provides a starting point for Japan Studies, including resources to find books, articles, newspapers, and web resources.

Celebrating East Asian Studies Scholarship

In Godzilla's Footsteps

From October 28-30, 2004, the University of Kansas hosted "In Godzilla's Footsteps: Japanese Pop Culture Icons on the Global Stage", a conference commemorating 50 years of Godzilla, the King of the Monsters. The conference occurred in conjunction with the publication of Professor William Tsutsui's book, Godzilla on my Mind. In addition to the conference, the East Asian Library sponsored a display of Godzilla-related posters, toys, and other objects in Watson Library. This webpage is an archive of the conference, the reception, and the exhibition at Watson Library.


The Beauty of Okinawa

Explore the beauty, history, and culture of Okinawa through books, photographs, and artifacts. Feb. 17-March 14, 2003.

Okinawa Exhibition 2003


The Diverse World of Manga: Shōjo manga and Female Manga Artists

This exhibition introduces the significance of shōjo manga by introducing the prominent works and artists of the genre. Click the image to view the exhibition.

Nobel Literature Laureates (China and Japan)

Guides were created for the Nobel Literature Prize winners of Chinese origin and Japanese, as part of the International Area Studies' "Nobel Literature Laureates around the Globe" exhibit on the 5th floor of Watson Library in fall 2013.

Banned Books

literary inquisition This page was created in conjunction with the "Banned Book Exhibit 2012," an International Collecctions Exhibit series held in Fall 2012.  

Along the Silk Roads in Time and Space

Exhibition held from April 25-June 9, 2003

silkroad exhibition 2003