Haiti, Cuba and the Caribbean : HIST 301 - Historian's Craft

A guide that supports research about Haiti, Cuba, and the Caribbean with resources in English, French, and Spanish.

The Research Process

This video underscores the importance of breaking your research topic down into subtopics to make finding relevant sources easier and more effective.

Begin your research with great keywords - Worksheet & tutorial

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

This video provides an overview for determining if a source is credible and why it is important to use credible sources.

Combining Search Terms - Boolean Searches

What is a Scholarly Journal Article?

What is a Scholarly Journal Article?  (University of Washington Libraries)

What is a library database?

What's a library database?   (RMIT University, Australia)

How to read a call number

How to Read a Library of Congress Call Number   (University of Arkansas Libraries)