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A guide that supports research about Haiti, Cuba, and the Caribbean with resources in English, French, and Spanish.

Books about Haiti

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History of Haiti

Map of Haiti

Map of Haiti


Digital Resources about the years before the Haitian Revolution

Saint-Domingue Revolution

The Battle of Vertières during the Saint Domingue Revolution was fought between Haitian rebels and French forces.

Resources, Projects, Archives, and Library Initiatives related to Haiti

2010 Earthquake in Haiti


Collapsed buildings following the magnitude-7 earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010.

Iinformations sur Haïti

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Curriculum Materials

KU ScholarWorks

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KU ScholarWorks is the digital repository of the University of Kansas. It contains scholarly work created by KU faculty and staff, as well as material from the University Archives.

Bryant Freeman's Institute for Haitian Studies publications are available at KU ScholarWorks. Click here.

The University of Kansas has been home to the Institute for Haitian Studies since 1992, when it was founded by Bryant Freeman, currently an emeritus professor of French and Italian, and a leading specialist in the Haitian language. The publications, now available online, span the years 1992-2000 and include:

  • anthropological and historical resources
  • works on Haitian Creole
  • organization charts of the Haitian judiciary and military
  • historical and present-day maps of Haiti
  • critical bibliography of English-language books on Haiti
  • Professor Freeman's Haitian-English English-Haitian Medical Dictionary

Additional works about Haiti in KU ScholarWorks

Radio Haiti

Haitian Diaspora

Historical Documentaries