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A guide that supports research about Haiti, Cuba, and the Caribbean with resources in English, French, and Spanish.

Latin American Network Information Center

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LANIC - Latin American Network Information Center

LANIC's  site provides research and academic resources, as well as being a source for news, art, music and recipes from Latin America.

LANIC’s editorially-reviewed directories contain over 12,000 unique URLs, one of the largest guides for Latin American Studies content on the Internet.  Information can be found in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

The site hosts digital content on Latin America through its Etext Collection, including thousands of full text books, journals, speeches, and research papers. Included are the full text of over 2,000 speeches by Fidel Castro; over 75,000 pages of Presidential Messages from Argentina and Mexico; and hundreds of papers on Latin American topics presented at conferences around the world.

It also maintains an extensive collection of Latin American Government Documents (LAGDA).

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