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Research guide dedicated to European studies and KU courses dedicated to the study of Europe - EURS 500

Understanding research

Use The Craft of Research to help you conceptualize and develop your research project.

  • Chapter 3: From Topics to Questions will guide you through the process of asking questions until you arrive at the burning question that you want to answer.
  • Chapter 4: From Questions to a Problem will help you shape your questions into a hypothesis that will give your research project direction.  
  • Chapter 5: From Problems to Sources will guide you through the process fo finding reliable and relevant information.  And don't forget to ask a librarian for help.

Boolean searching

How to prepare an annotated bibliography?

Search Strategies

Search for sources - STARTING POINTS

IMPORTANT - READ FIRST! The tool that you should use to start searching for sources depends on the nature and scope of your topic. For some topics, you might want to start searching the Library Catalog for books. For other topics, you may need to begin by searching the journal literature in article Databases.

How to search for sources effectively?

Trail Photo

Follow the Bibliographic Trail:  One proven method for gathering reliable information efficiently is to follow the citations or references from one source to another.   The author's bibliography can lead you to other sources on the topic.

Identify Keywords:  Before searching the Library Catalog or other databases, take a few minutes to write down all the words that describe your topic on the worksheet below.  Use these words and phrases in keyword or Boolean searches.

Boolean Searching:  Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to connect keywords for phrases in your searches:  Example:  (solar OR wind) AND energy AND russia NOT Moscow.

Time Management Strategies Tutorial


Time Managment Strategies Tutorial

This video is provided by Harper College (Copyright 2011).  Click on the image or the link below to view the tutorial and learn strategies for using your time more effectively.  

Manage your sources and citations

Zotero      Endnote

Try one of these bibliographic management tools.  They can help you keep track of sources, generate bibliographies, store documents, and save you time in the long run. 

Evaluating Sources

How to evaluate sources?

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Research Help

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