Ancient China (EALC 415/ 615): Primary Sources

Research resources cover ancient China from Shang dynasty to Han and basic research skills.

English Translations: Books in the library

Early Texts – a brief introduction to some of the main early Chinese texts


Always search the original title for English translations. Ex. Lun yu (Analects), Da xue (The highest order of cultivation), and Zhong yong (On the practice of the mean), Mengzi (Mencius), etc. and set language of "English" as in "limit".

State cultural heritage law and regulations

Authors (examples)

Important authors. What is the authority name? Pinyin vs. Wade-Giles vs. authority form. 

Corporate bodies can be important authors.

Important Titles (check out bibliographies)

  Xi'an Banpo

Xi'an Banpo Museum 西安半坡博物馆
Yangshao Culture 仰韶文化 


Liangzhu Heritage Museum

Liang zhu Culture net 良渚文化网

关于对《良渚国家考古遗址公园控制性详细规划》进行公示的说明 (National archaeological sites and parks regulations and plans)