CHIN 342 / 542 Classical Chinese: Daoist Philosophical Texts

Primary sources of classical (pre-modern) Chinese texts and basic treatment of Chinese reference works.

Laozi 老子

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These are some of the many books on Laozi in the library:

Laozi ebook

Zhuangzi 庄子 莊子

 These are some of the many books on Zhuangzi in the library:

Zhuangzi ebook

Zhuangzi related book

Liezi 列子

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  • Keyword Relevance Search = "Lieh-tzu" (old Wade-Giles romanization)

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Daoist Texts in Chinese

Laozi Dao De Jing 據常熟瞿氏鐵琴銅劍樓藏宋刊本影印. AC149 .S82 vol. 532 East Asian 


Nanhua zhen jing 據上海涵芬樓藏明刊本影印. AC149 .S82 vol. 534-536 East Asian


Liezi or Chong xu zhi de zhen jing 據常熟瞿氏鐵琴銅劍樓藏北宋刊本影印.
AC149 .S82 v.533 East Asian   


Laozi. 郭店楚墓竹简 老子 甲本. Accessed from Chinamaxx Digital Libraries 超星数字图书馆.

 Laozi. Retrieved from Wenyuange Siku quanshu.








Laozi. Accessed through Wenyuange si ku dian zi ban (original   image and searchable full-text)

 Wen yuan ge Si ku quan shu dian zi ban : Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) 文淵閣四庫全書電子版 (Only available on campus, or with a KU IP address beginning with 129.237.)


Zhuangzi. Accessed through CHANT database.

 Han da wen ku (Chinese Ancient Texts or CHANT) 漢逹文庫 

Collections of all Chinese ancient texts, containing 6 databases: 1. Oracular Inscriptions on Tortoise Shells and Bones (Jiaguwen); 2. Excavated Wood/Bamboo and Silk Scripts (Zhu jian bo shu); 3. Database of Bronze Inscriptions (Jin wen); 4. Database of Traditional Chinese Texts: Xian Qin Liang Han (pre-220AD); 5. Database of Traditional Chinese Texts of Weijin, Northern and Southern Dynasties (220-589AD); and 6. Database of the Entire Body of Extant Chinese Encyclopedias (Leishu).

Laozi. Sinica Scripta 

Han ji dian zi wen xian (Scripta Sinica) 漢籍電子文獻 by Academia Sinica, Taiwan. (台灣中研院史語所)

Search by title, author, keyword and browse titles by classification (jing, shi, zi and ji). Different editions of the same title are often collected, with punctuations or original text without punctuations.

Zhuangzi in Translation: Michael Loewe's Recommendations

Daoist Philosophy: Identity | Zhuangzi’s Death of Hundun
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Ruler without De (德)
Zhuangzi "Meng die: one million possibilties"《梦蝶:一百万个可能》 | CCTV (wih Zhuangzi text reciting and comments, in Chinese) "Everlasting Classics': U.S. PhD remixes hit song with ancient Chinese (Zhuangzi) - by Christine Welch - Chinese and English. Zhuangzi "Meng die: one million possibilties"《梦蝶:一百万个可能》 | CCTV (wih Zhuangzi text reciting and comments, in Chinese) 莊子齊物論。