CHIN 342 / 542 Classical Chinese: Classics in English translation

Primary sources of classical (pre-modern) Chinese texts and basic treatment of Chinese reference works.

English Translations: Books in the library

Early Texts – a brief introduction to some of the main early Chinese texts

-Daoist Philosophical Texts

Mohist Texts (Selected titles)

Legalist Philosophical Texts

Mo Zi Translation, Michael Loewe's Recommendations


Always search the original title for English translations. Ex. Lun yu (Analects), Da xue (The highest order of cultivation), and Zhong yong (On the practice of the mean), Mengzi (Mencius), etc. and set language of "English" as in "limit".

Confucian Philosophical Texts (Selected titles)

Sun zi bing fa. English. ( The Art of War)

The Five Classics (Selected titles)