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Research resources cover ancient China from Shang dynasty to Han and basic research skills.

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National Palace Museum
In National Palace Museum (Taipei, Taiwan) Collections (KU Luna collection)

 Ceremonial Adze [Zeremonialaxt]
Ceremonial Adze [Zeremonialaxt]. Shang Dynasty 
Yue type with human face.  Berlin State Museums (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)
In Artstor Database 

Four Chinese characters engraved on a tombstone
Four Chinese characters engraved on a tombstone are considered by experts to be authentic works of calligraphy by Confucius, ancient Chinese philosopher and teacher (551-479 BC) at the tomb located at the Bigan Temple in Weihui City in central China's Henan Province on Wednesday, April 10, 2002. The discovery is said to be the only one in China. In AP Images

EALC 415/615 Ancient China

Research guide for EALC 415/615 Ancient China from Shang dynasty to Han. Research skills to find print materials in the library catalog, WorldCat, and use the Interlibrary Loan services; find articles with the Bibliography of Asian Studies (index), JSTOR (full-text), Art Index, Historical Index, etc; and the use of bibliographies tools such as the EndNote are covered. A knowledge of Chinese is not required. Chinese language e-resources will not be taught in class but are listed in this guide for further research. Interested students should contact Vickie Doll for assistance.

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Chinese studies librarian: Vickie Doll

    Guodian Chumu zhujian (Wenwu) 1998


    Guodian Chumu zhujian (DuXiu database

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