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Any KU student interested in study abroad in

East Asia should contact the country-specific

study-abroad advisor in the Department of East

Asian Languages and Cultures, and also contact

the Study Abroad Office for specific information

and advising. This page provides general information

about studying and traveling in South Korea.



The Peninsula

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Study in Korea

Visa Information

Generally US citizens may travel to South Korea for up to 90 days without a visa. Visa requirements may be different for students with other countries of citizenship or purposes of visit.

Learn the Korean Language

Study Korean language in South Korea

Korean Universities that offer popular study abroad programs:

Travel Guides & Blogs

Lodging & Accommodation


KakaoMaps is an app that may help you find the right form of travel in Korea, whether it is a bus, the subway, or by foot, and is particularly helpful in finding the right but to get where you need to go.

Subway Korea is an app that will offer guided support in using the subway system in Korea, regardless of which major city you are in. Input your first and last stop, and the app will guide you through where to get on and off, how long it should take, and any transfers.