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Korean Studies Courses

2018 Fall Undergraduate and Graduate Courses related to Korean Studies

KOR 104: Elementary Korean I

KOR 204: Intermediate Korean I

KOR 504:Advanced Modern Korean I

KOR 562: Modern Korean Texts I

AMS 344: Topic: North Korea in U.S. Imagination

ANTH 293: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs East Asia

CEAS 500: Topic: North Korea in U.S. Imagination

EALC 105: Asian Religions

EALC 130: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs East Asia

EALC 331: Studies in: Modern Korean Art and Culture

EALC 361: Colonial Korea

ECIV 104: Eastern Civilizations

ECIV 304: Eastern Civilizations

HA 166: The Visual Arts of East Asia

HA 361: Buddhist Art of Korea

HA 363: Modern Korean Art & Culture

HA 550: Capstone in Art History: Buddhist Art of Korea

HA 561: Buddhist Art of Korea

HIST 362: American Way War Since World War II

HIST 390: Colonial Korea

REL 106: Asian Religions

REL 130: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs East Asia

REL 510: Religion in Korea

REL 511: Buddhist Art of Korea

2019 Spring Undergraduate and Graduate Courses related to Korean Studies

KOR 108: Elementary Korean II

KOR 208: Intermediate Korean II

KOR 498: Directed Readings in Korean

KOR 508: Advanced Modern Korean II

KOR 564: Modern Korean Texts II

ANTH 293: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs East Asia

CEAS 610: Minorities in Japan

EALC 105: Asian Religions

EALC 130: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs East Asia

EALC 331: Studies in: Modern Korean Art and Culture

EALC 331: Studies in: Language & Society in East Asia

EALC 333: Asian Literature in Translation, Honors

EALC 362: Post-Colonial Korea

EALC 380: Popular Cultures of East Asia

EALC 562: Post-Colonial Korea

EALC 610: Minorities in Japan

ECIV 104: Eastern Civilizations

ECIV 304: Eastern Civilizations

GEOG 396: East Asia

HA 166: The Visual Arts of East Asia

HA 362: Ceramics of Korea

HA 363: Modern Korean Art & Culture

HA 550: Ceramics of Korea

HA 562: Ceramics of Korea

HIST 350: The Korean War, 1950-1953

JOUR 590: International Journalism

REL 106: Asian Religions

REL 130: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs East Asia

2019 Summer Undergraduate and Graduate Courses related to Korean Studies

KOR 104: Elementary Korean I

KOR 108: Elementary Korean II

EALC 331: Studies in: Modern Korean Art & Culture

ECIV 104: Eastern Civilizations

HA 166: The Visual Arts of East Asia

HA 363: Modern Korean Art & Culture

Korean Studies Faculty


Korean Studies faculty (teaching and research area)

Baskett, Michael, Associate Professor, Chair, Film & Media Studies
Asian films, silent and early world cinema, colonial and diasporic cinemas, film/media history and criticism, and postcolonial film studies

Butler, James J. Jr., Senior Scientist​​
Well hydraulics, direct-push methods for hydrostratigraphic characterization, ground-water flow and transport in heterogeneous formations, stream-aquifer interactions, phreatophytes. Experience in China, Korea, and Japan.

Canda, Edward R., Professor, Social Welfare
Korean social welfare in relation to Korean philosophy and religions

Cheong, So-min, Associate Professor, Geography
Environment, marine policy, economic geography, tourism, East Asia

Cho, Hyesun, Associate Professor, Education
TESOL, second language/literacy education, academic and social identities of language learners and teachers, critical literacy, participatory action research, critical multiculturalism and technology-integrated instruction

Chong, Kelly H., Associate Professor, Associate Chairperson, Sociology
Gender, religion, race and ethnicity, and East Asian studies; politics of gender and conversion in contemporary South Korean evangelicalism

Doll, Vickie Fu, Librarian
Chinese and Korean Studies

Ercums, Kris, Curator, Spencer Museum of Art
Global Contemporary & Asian Art, including Korean art

Kim, ChangHwan, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Sociology

Areas of work and organizations, race and ethnicity, Korea studies, and quantitative methodology

Kim, Joo Ok, Assistant Professor, International & Interdisciplinary Studies - American Studies
Race and the Korean War, Latina/o studies, Asian American studies, transpacific and transnational studies, and literary and cultural studies

Lee, Ji-Yeon, Lecturer and Academic Program Associate, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Korean language teaching

Lindsey, William R., Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Religion in Japan; religion in Korea; theory and method in the study of religion; ritual; the body; gender; religion and childhood

Seo, Hyunjin, Associate Professor, Journalism and Mass Communications; Docking Young Faculty Scholar
Digital media, network analysis, public diplomacy, nation branding, public relations

Stevenson, Daniel B., Professor, Department Chair, Religious Studies
Buddhism in China, Tiantai and Pure Land traditions

Stiller, Maya, Assistant Professor, Art History
Specializes in Korean Art and Visual Culture; Research interests include traditional and contemporary Korean Buddhist art and culture and Korean ceramics

Yun, Kyoim, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Korean language and culture; folklore and shamanism

Emeritus faculty

Frederickson, H. George, Professor Emeritus, Public Administration
Public administration, public administration ethics, theories of public administration, systems of multi-level governance, and American local government; experience in Korea and China