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The guide suggests databases for accessing relevant information you can use when analyzing the legislative history of a public law. The resources are grouped using Anthony Down's "Issue-Attention Cycle."


 This guide is offers starting point to researching an issue at each stage of the Issue-Attention Cycle.

Resources with historical coverage 1940-1990 have been emphasized in this guide.

Stages of the Issue Attention Cycle*

Stage One: The Pre-Problem Stage

Stage Two: The Alarmed Discovery and Euphoric Enthusiasm Stage

Stage Three: The Realizing the Cost of Significant Progress Stage

Stage Four: The Gradual Decline in Intense Public Interest Stage

Stage Five: The Post-Problem Stage


*The Issue Attention Cycle was developed by Anthony Downs in his essay, Up and Down with Ecology: the “Issue-Attention Cycle," originally published in the journal Public Interest, volume 28, page 38, in 1972.

General Overview and Background

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