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The guide suggests databases for accessing relevant information you can use when analyzing the legislative history of a public law. The resources are grouped using Anthony Down's "Issue-Attention Cycle."


 This guide is offers starting point to researching an issue at each stage of the Issue-Attention Cycle.

Resources with historical coverage 1940-1990 have been emphasized in this guide.

Stages of the Issue Attention Cycle *

Stage One: The Pre-Problem Stage

Stage Two: The Alarmed Discovery and Euphoric Enthusiasm Stage **

Stage Three: The Realizing the Cost of Significant Progress Stage **

Stage Four: The Gradual Decline in Intense Public Interest Stage

Stage Five: The Post-Problem Stage


* The Issue Attention Cycle was developed by Anthony Downs in his essay, Up and Down with Ecology: the “Issue-Attention Cycle," originally published in the journal Public Interest, volume 28, page 38, in 1972.

** Stage Two and Stage Three are main focus of the EVRN 332 research assignment. 

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Looking for full text of the primary resources that document the process of the bill becoming a law? 

Most of the public laws researched for this assignment will be included in ProQuest Legislative Insight. You can easily search by Public Law number, Bill number, or the Statute at Large citation.

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