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This guide, following the U.S. Congressional legislative process as described in the info-graph, "How Our Laws are Made", help to identify sources for the publications and records that document the legislative history of a bill as it becomes law.

Guide to publications and records documenting the legislative process.

This award winning info-graph pictured below describs the legislative process but not the publications and records that document the process. Use this library guide to find the government information and other resources that document in the process.

This library guide is arranged by the categories presented in the info-graph:

Put On Calendar, Debate & Amend 
Budget & Engrossment
Enrollment, Final Approval or Disapproval by President
Guides, Glossaries and Charts

How Our Laws Are Made

This award winning info-graph by Mike Wirth and Dr. Suzanne Cooper-Guasco (2010) described the legislative process. 

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Visualization-of-How-a-Bill-Becomes-a-Law Mike-WIRTH

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