Korean Language Guide: Home

This guide provides supplemental readings and resources for Korean language students at the University of Kansas.

How to Use This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help students find resources that will benefit their learning of the Korean language. Many of these resources are available either through the University of Kansas or online. Naturally, every student's needs are different, so please reach out to a staff or faculty member if you cannot find what you need.


Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced - These tabs all include various workbooks, dictionaries, reading material, and grammar help materials that target that level. Remember that each student may learn at different speeds, so please feel free to look at the tabs that may not seem to fit, as you might find something that surprises you. Generally these levels connect to the classes offered at KU in the following way:

Beginner - KOR 104,108

Intermediate - KOR 204, 208, 504, 508

Advanced - KOR 562 and beyond

Typing/Romanization Tools - Typing can be a helpful skill when writing assignments for class or practice, and can be a great addition to any resume including Korean proficiency. Learn how to install a Korean keyboard on library computers, as well as find some helpful websites to practice with on this tab. You can also find guides and transliteration websites for Korean romanization on this tab. While romanization is not needed in the Korean language classroom, students may encounter romanized Korean in non-language content courses.

Culture & Further Research - While this guide contains many resources for students, it is not all-inclusive. There are many other resources at the University library and beyond available to students, so if you would like to move beyond what this guide has to offer, please look at this tab. This tab also includes a guide on cultural differences between South Korea and the United States to help students better understand the language they are learning and prepare for any traveling to South Korea.

Contacts - The university has several faculty specialize on Korea within their field, please feel free to reach out to any of them. The University also has a fantastic study abroad office and foreign media library, which are listed on this tab.

This language guide and all pictures were created by KU EALC Korean Language Concentration student Rebecca Reutzel, unless described otherwise.