REES 110/177/220: Guide to Research about Russia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia: Cinema

Student guide to doing research for REES 110 (Introduction to Russia and Eastern Europe) and REES 220 (Societies and Culture of Eurasia).

Databases & Indexes (of Scholarly Literature) for Film Studies

Cinema: Slavic & Eurasian Film

This LibGuide recommends resources in both English and foreign languages. Browse the Historical Dictionaries for an overview of films in English or the online Encyclopedias for broader coverage of films, actors, directors, etc. Watch Russian & Soviet films on Mosfilm's and Lenfilm's YouTube channels or check films out from EGARC. Search film databases or browse journals for commentary about Russian & Soviet film.


Databases and Indexes for Film Studies

To find a "Movie Review" published in a newspaper, search for the title of the movie and "movie review." For example, in The Global Newsstream database, enter: "lives of others" AND movie review.

Russian & Soviet Cinema

Watch Russian and Soviet Films

Russian cinema    

Featured Film

Белое солнце пустыни

White Sun of the Desert is the classic Russian-Soviet "western" with all the trappings you come to expect from Russian-Soviet film: indomitable Soviet hero, magnificent panoramas, peasant overtones, memorable music, beautiful women, subtle humor, penetrating irony, resonating taglines, and of course, inescapable tragedy. It is the best Soviet "cowboy" film ever made. Watch this film on Mosfilm's Youtube channel.

Chinese Cinema

South Asian Cinema

South Asian Cinema

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Encyclopedias & Bibliographies

Encyclopedias and Bibliographies of Russian and Soviet Cinema

Journals about Russian Cinema

Journals about Russian and Soviet Cinema