Guide to Japanese Sake: Japanese Studies Resources Series: Sake Footage (Videos)

This guide means to assist research on the history, traditions, and culture on Japanese Sake, as well as provide information on Sake Brewers. We recommend using a PC/tablet when viewing this guide, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sake talk by the Sake Brewers of North America

"Secret from the Past" webinar featuring Dr. Eric Rath of the University of Kansas. He talks about his research and translation of the Gonshu no Nikki, sake journal, a medieval Japanese text on sake brewing. Hosted by Sake Brewers Association. 

John Gauntner's Sake Education

John Gaunter, a non-Japanese sake expert and the owner of Sake World launches Youtube video series to cover "everything from sake basics through more advanced sake topics."

Lectures on Sake

A tour of Ozeki Sake Brewery, one of the largest sake brewing companies in Japan. Filmed and uploaded by Toby Rikketts to Youtube on 7/9/2014.

Sake Breweries

Story of the Sudo Honke, the oldest surviving sake brewery in Japan.

Sake Production Video Clips

How to Brew Japanese SAKE: by Hayashi Ryuhei Sake Brewey, Uploaded to Youtube on 3/11/2013.

Masumi Sake making by Miyasaka Brewing Company, Nagano. Uploaded to Youtube on 12/30/2014.

Sake making by Ishikawa Sake Brewery, Mie. Filmed by YokosoNews. Uploaded to Youtube on 2/15/2012.

Created by JapanSakeOfficial (YouTube account created by Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, this video clip explains the process of brewing sake.

Sake Promotion Video Clips

Created by Seto Brewery, Saga. Uploaded to Youtube on 10/2/2015.

Created by Shiragiku Sake Brewery. Uploaded to Youtube on 3/25/2015.

A song dedicated to sake brewed in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture. Japanese only.

Documentary Film: The Birth of Sake: Passionate Sake-Makers Keep Tradition Alive (2015)

Birth of Sake is available via Kanopy. If video below is not accessible, please log in to Kanopy via KU account.