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This guide provides users with different types of Chinese-English, English-Chinese, and Chinese-Chinese dictionaries according to the way you access them. Links to online and mobile dictionaries apps are also included.

Chinese Dictionaries Introduction

from Zhongwen radical list

The East Asian Library has a wide variety of Chinese dictionaries available to meet the needs of Chinese language learners and researchers at all levels of proficiency. These include English/Chinese dictionaries for elementary learners, English/Chinese Chinese/English dictionaries, Chinese/English dictionaries, Chinese character dictionaries, stroke order dictionaries, advanced Chinese/Chinese dictionaries, as well as online and mobile dictionaries. These dictionaries vary in their format and use of simplified or traditional characters or both.Most of these dictionaries use pinyin romanization, with some exceptions that use the Wade Giles and Zhuyin Fuhao phonetics systems.

To select a dictionary that is most useful to you, you can view different types of  dictionary tab on the top of this page and see the sample page of a dictionary. Furthermore, there are many more dictionaries available that are not listed in this guide, when you visit the East Asian Library or check the library catalog, you can browse the full selection of Chinese dictionaries online or see in the East Asian Reference reading room.