COVID-19 East Asian Information Guide: Taiwan

This guide contains selected information sources for COVID-19 research and distance learning in East Asian countries.

Coronavirus/Timeline: COVID-19 in Taiwan

From Focus Taiwan published by the Central News Agency (CNA)

Dec. 31: Health screening begins
Taiwan begins screening arriving passengers from Wuhan as they disembark at the airport. That measure is gradually expanded to flights from China then to all incoming flights, by March.


Jan. 20: Taiwan sets up Central Emergency Command Center
The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control establishes the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) 國家衛生指揮中心中央流行疫情指揮中心 (疫情指揮中心) in response to a growing number of infections caused by a novel coronavirus in neighboring countries.

Jan. 21: Taiwan confirms first case
A Taiwanese passenger arriving from Wuhan tests positive for the disease that the World Health Organization later named COVID-19, two days before China locked down Wuhan and other cities.

Jan. 26: Entry of Chinese tourists restricted
Entry restrictions begin with visitors from China's Hubei Province during the Lunar New Year holidays and are gradually expanded to all Chinese nationals.

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