COVID-19 East Asian Information Guide: China

This guide contains selected information sources for COVID-19 research and distance learning in East Asian countries.
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WHO Disease Outbreak News (DONs) - China

Chinese Covid-19 Statistics

Wuhan-cases-death 2020-02

Chinese Government Health Virtual Tools and APPS

Chinese Government Official Publications

U.S. Government Official Publication Concerning Covid-19

Chinese Academic Resources

Chinese Covid-19 Whistleblowers

Covid-19 Local Responses

Portraits of a Global Pandemic Regional Responses Univeristy of Kansas Center for Global & International Studies hosted six experts in various world regions to discuss how COVID-19 has affected these particular areas. Presented on September 4, 2020. The complete program video recording is here Below is the part on East Asia by Dr. John Kennedy

China Self-media Source

Long time no see Wuhan : A Japanese Director's 10-day documentary on Wuhan (武汉好久不见) (1:01:14) Japanese documentary director Takeuchi Ryo and his team interviewed ten people and families in Wuhan after the lockdown has been lifted for the COVID-19 pandemic. In Chinese with Japanese, Chinese, and English subtitles. @竹内亮导演 @和之梦文化

World Organizations Projects and Data