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The purpose of this guide is to walk students through the process of completing the Scholarly Conversation activity for UNIV 120


Welcome, UNIV 120 students! Use this step-by-step guide to complete your Scholarly Conversation and Citation Map worksheet. Each of the pages on this guide is designed to help you complete this activity. On each page you will find a detailed video walk-through for each step of the activity. You will submit your completed worksheet on Blackboard.


Activity Outline

To complete this activity . . .

Before you begin, access the worksheet. Go to File -> Download and download a copy of this worksheet.

1. First, you will find your main journal article. This should be an article written (or co-authored) by your faculty mentor. Go to the Finding Sources page of this guide to help you find an article if you haven't already. Type the citation for this first article in the middle of your citation map, where it says Main Journal Article. Answer questions 1 and 2 on your Scholarly Conversation worksheet.

2. Next, look through the sources in your Main Journal Article's bibliography. Look for a book and one other source type. Use the Deciphering Citations page on this guide to help you identify source types in a bibliography. Type the citation for each of these sources on the left side of your citation map. Answer questions 3 and 4.

3. Then, go to the Google Scholar page and follow the steps there to find two sources that cite your Main Journal Article. Type these final two citations on the right side of your Citation Map. Answer the last questions on the Scholarly Conversation worksheet.

Example Citation Map

This is an example citation map. Yours should look similar to this when finished, but with different source citations in each of the five boxes. The sources on the left side of the map each appear in the bibliography of the Main Journal Article. The sources on the right both cite the Main Journal Article in their own bibliographies.

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