UNIV 120: Faculty Research Assignment: 1. Finding Sources

The purpose of this guide is to walk students through the process of completing the Scholarly Conversation activity for UNIV 120

Activity Outline

Find your Main Journal Article. This should be an article written (or co-authored) by your chosen faculty member. In the video below I will walk you through the first part of this activity. There are additional tutorials available on this page to help you. Use the tutorials on this guide to help you find the citation and full text. Type the citation for this first article in the middle of your citation map, where it says Main Journal Article. Answer questions 1 and 2 on your Scholarly Conversation worksheet based on this article.

Activity Walkthrough Part 1

In this video I walk you through the first steps of this activity. The runtime is 6:44 and there are closed captions.

What is the Scholarly Conversation?

This video describes how research and scholarly publishing is like an ongoing conversation. Scholars respond to each other's work and build upon it by writing new papers and citing the work of others. When you write a research paper, you are making your own contribution to this conversation, so it's important to get a sense of what has already been said about this topic by others in the field.

How to Look Up Sources

Below is an interactive tutorial that will walk you through the steps of looking up an item in the KU Libraries Quick Search.

Finding Specific Items VIdeo

Watch this video to learn how to find an article that you already know you want. There is a script available for this video.