UNIV 120: Faculty Research Assignment: 3. Google Scholar

The purpose of this guide is to walk students through the process of completing the Scholarly Conversation activity for UNIV 120

Activity Outline

Go to the libraries' website to access Google Scholar. Search for your Main Journal Article and click the "cited by" link to find two sources that cite your Main Journal Article. Type these final two citations on the right side of your Citation Map. Answer the last questions on the Scholarly Conversation worksheet.

Remember to respond to the last question on the worksheet by writing your own question about the topic.

Activity Walk Through Video Part 3

In this video I walk you through the final steps of this activity. The runtime is 8:44 and there are closed captions available, written by me.

Google Scholar Cited By Feature

Start by searching for the title of your Main Journal Article. Type it into the search bar with quotation marks around it. Remember that quotation marks tell a search engine to search for these words together as a phrase, rather than each word on its own.

Find your article in the list of results. You should see a "cited by" link underneath. Click this "cited by" link to see all of the sources (known to Google) that have cited your article. Choose two, and use them to answer the questions on your worksheet.