UNIV 120: Faculty Research Assignment: 2. Deciphering Citations

The purpose of this guide is to walk students through the process of completing the Scholarly Conversation activity for UNIV 120

Activity Outline

Look through the sources in your Main Journal Article's bibliography. Look for a book and one other source type. Use the resources on this page to help you identify source types in a bibliography. Then look up the full text for each of the sources you chose. Type the citation for each of these sources on the left side of your citation map. Answer questions 3 and 4.

Activity Walk Through Video Part 2

In this video I walk you through the next part of this activity. The runtime is 15:13 and there are closed captions available, written by me.

Why Cite? Video

Citation Examples

It's important to know how to read a citation so you can decipher what type of source it is. Read through these examples to learn how to read a citation.

This is an APA Style citation for a journal article. No matter the citation style, you can always recognize a journal article by the volume and issue number.

Book citations will almost always include the publisher and the location of the publisher, like the example below.


You may come across a book chapter in your bibliography. You can recognize a book chapter because it will have a chapter title, a book title, a publisher, and often editors. Look for the word "in" and/or the abbreviation "Eds."