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Ivan Tsarevich and the Firebird (Zvorykin)

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Welcome to the Research Guide to Slavic Folklore!  This guide is designed to help students with research about Slavic Folklore, and more specifically, the research assignment for the course.  Another purpose of the assignment is to teach students information management. When you complete the exercise, you will:  (1) Know more about the library and its resources, human and material; (2) better understand how locate needed materials in a variety of formats; and (3) Be able evaluate and choose the best materials. The research exercise consists of three components: an internet research tutorial, library sessions with accompanying worksheets, and a research assignment. For more help, contact Jon Giullian. Happy Researching! (Image: Ivan Tsarevich and Firebird is in the public domain).

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Focus a Topic:  Review your assignment guidelines, textbook(s), and encyclopedias to explore ideas. For a list of encyclopedias, see the Reference tab. Consult with your professor and/or librarian to refine your topic and develop a focused research question. See librarian contacts in the right column.

Choose a Database and search for sources: Use the Articles & Databases tab.

Find a Book: Use the Books tab.

Cite Your Sources: Use the Cite Sources tab.  

Determine Whether Sources are Credible: Use the Evaluate Sources tab.