Slavic Folklore (basic guide to research): Encyclopedias & Dictionaries


Folklore Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

General and specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries are an excellent place to begin collecting background information on a topic. They typically provide a concise overview as well as a bibliography of core works. There are many specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries relevant to folklore. Some of these include information on Slavic folklore. Reference works will lead you to other reliable sources on a topic. This strategy often can be more effective than database searching because relevant sources have already been identified and vetted for quality.



Encyclopedias & Dictionaries of Religion


Encyclopedia of Religion and Society / William Swatos et al, editors

The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature / Bron R. Taylor et al, editors

Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals / Frank A. Salamone, editor

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion / Paul Kevin Meagher et al, editors

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Recommended Reference Books for Slavic Folklore