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Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central AsiaRussian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

 Image:  Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia (from:  World Bank--Europe and Central Asia)

Картина из литературно-художественного проекта Дмитрия Шагина «Русская литература, шли годы…» по письмам композитора А.К. Лядова награжден Царскосельской художественной премиейю

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Image:  «Русская литература, шли годы…» (из: литературно-художественного проекта Дмитрия Шагина)

Balkan Peninsula in 1914

South Slavic and Balkan Peninsula

Image: Historic Map of the Balkan Peninsula, 1914 2000 (from: Wikimedia Commons


Political map of Europe (2008)

European Studies (EURS)

 Image:  2008 Europe Political Map  (from:  Wikimedia Commons)



White Eagle, Coat of Arms of PolandPolish Culture & Society

 Image:  2008 White Eagle:  Coat of arms Poland  (from:  Wikimedia Commons)



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Karion Istomin's Alphabet: A

Slavic and General Linguistics

Image: Rosetta Stone (from: Wikimedia Commons)






Slavic Language

Slavic Linguistics

Virtual Reference





Caucasus Central Asia Political Map, 2000

Central Asia

Image:  Caucasus Central Asia Political Map, 2000  (from: Wikimedia Commons)


Map of the Middle East


Middle East Studies / Islamic Studies




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Global & International Studies - Capstone Seminar

Image: Physical Political World Map (from:  Physical Political World Map)

St. George Slaying the Dragon

HIST 117 

Russia, an Introductory History

Image:  St. George slaying the dragon (from: Holy Russia Exhibition at the Musee du Louvre)

Russian artHIST 564 

Medieval Russia

Image: Vladimir Monomakh

REES 110 - Introduction to Russia and Eastern Europe / REES 220 - Societies and Cultures of Eurasia  

Image: Map of Eastern Europe (from:  Europe Map - Maps of Europe...)

Ivan Bilibin's 1899  illustration to a Russian fairy tale about the FirebirdSLAV 148

Introduction to Slavic Folklore

Image: Ivan Bilibin's 1899  illustration to a Russian fairy tale about the Firebird (from:Язычество славян)

Introduction to Russian Culture

Image:  Erik Bulatof, Russian 20th century. 1991 (from: from Nonconformist Gallery)