HIST605/EALC590: Medieval Japan: Performing Arts Video

Course guide for students of HIST 605/EALC 590 on how to use databases available in KU Libraries and find research materials.

About this page

KU Libraries has the variety of videorecordings of Japanese performing arts in both DVD and VHS. This page lists DVDs of Japanese stage arts, both traditional and contemporary, available at KU. All are with optional English subtitles and/or English audio commentary.

Kabuki & Kyogen

Noh Drama

Other Traditional Performing Arts

Contemporary Stage Performances

KU Libraries has selectively purchased contemporary stage performance series, Geki x Shine collection by E!Oshibai, to provide the latest stage activities in Japan. Geki x Shine, is a fusion of engeki (stage drama) and cinema, and it is an attempt to create new visual experiences by reconstructing and redirecting the recorded stage performance for screening by adding new visual effects, which would not be felt in live stage performances. Geki x Shine series thus attracts both movie fans and stage fans with its dynamic camera works and clear Dolby Digital sound. For more information, visit their website.