SPAN 424: Advanced Spanish Composition and Grammar: Finding Books

Practice in writing, with attention to vocabulary, grammar usage, and structure.

Searching for books and more

Finding books in the stacks

Call Number Ranges

Look at the Stacks Map for directions.


      Spanish Literature               PQ 6001 - PQ 8929  


      History of Spain                    DP 1 - DP 402      

      History of Latin America      F 1201 - F 3799


      Political Institutions and Public Administration

           JL 1200 - JL 1299         Mexico
           JL 1400 - JL 1679         Central America
           JL 1850 - JL 3899         South America

           JN 8101 - JN 8399        Spain

    Also search in the areas of geography, social science, political science, education, music and much more. 

Tutorial - Searching the Library Catalog

How to read a call number