Spanish and Latin American film: Finding Books at KU

Resources for Spanish and Latin American film studies


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How to find Books

Films and Filmmakers

Subject Headings

The following are Library of Congress subject headings that will help you find books on your topic. When searching the KU Libraries' online catalog, enter the appropriate subject heading in the "Search For" field and select "Search By: Subject Heading."

  • Motion pictures—Spain
  • Motion pictures, Spanish
  • Motion pictures--Spain—Catalogs
  • Motion pictures—Spain—Reviews
  • Film adaptations—Technique
  • Film adaptations—History and criticism
  • Motion pictures--Encyclopedias
  • Motion pictures--Dictionaries
  • Film criticism--Dictionaries
  • Cinematography--Dictionaries
  • Cinematography--Encyclopedias
  • Motion picture industry--Dictionaries
  • Sound motion pictures--Encyclopedias
  • Gangster films
  • Motion pictures for women
  • Juvenile delinquency films
  • Hispanic Americans in motion pictures--Encyclopedias
  • Comedy films
  • Feature films—Spain
  • Motion picture actors and actresses—Spain
  • Motion picture industry--Spain

Look under entries for cinema, film, and names of individual directors, actors etc.

For other related subject headings:

  • Search “Motion Pictures” in the subject headings field in the online catalog.
  • Click the word NOTE in the left hand column.