HA 505 City of Tokyo (Spring 2013): Zotero

Guide for students and instructors of HA 505 on how to use the library and find resources.

Zotero Overview

What is Zotero?

Zotero is an application that helps you collect and store your citation information for later use in papers and bibliographies. You can link to or attach PDF files to your citations then use Zotero's Word plug-in for one-click in-text citations as you write. When you're finished, another one-click installs your completed bibliography.

  • Free bibliographic management program   
  • 300 MB free on-line storage
With Zotero you can:
  • Collect references from various databases, websites and catalogs
  • Organize references in collections and subcollections for managing large projects
  • Import and attach article PDFs, folders, images, video and audio files
  • Read, annotate, highlight and make notes
  • Write your papers using Microsoft Word, LiberOffice, or Google Docs
    • instantly insert in-text citations and bibliographies from 2500+ citation styles
    • create footnotes
  • Share and collaborate references with colleagues

Upcoming Zotero Workshops

Would you like to attend a free Zotero Workshop? Check the workshop calendar: https://workshops.ku.edu/

Downloadable Zotero 5.0 Guides

Step-by-Step Guides for Zotero 5.0

Other Useful Zotero 5.0 Guides

Basic Features: How-to

Step-by-Step Guides for Zotero 4.0 (Browser-Based Version)

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Juris-M for Multilingual Support

Working with languages other than English? Or non-Roman scripts? Juris-M very well could be the answer for you. Juris-M is a "Zotero variant" that will allow you to more easily work with legal writing and multilingual resources.


Automatically re-name PDF files in Zotero or extract annotations

Zotfile is a plugin for Zotero that will automatically re-name your PDF files as they are added to your library and also can extract annotations from PDF files, among other useful features. To download or to learn more, visit  zotfile.com.

Zotero Troubleshooting

Advanced Features: How-to

Zotero Advanced Features -- Links

Zotero Tutorials & Help Info

Zotero Training at KU (see the attached documents above for handouts used in the workshops)

For questions or for help with Zotero:

Zotero troubleshooting page

Zotero Knowledge Base

Video Tutorials

Website Tutorials