China Studies: China Studies Faculty and Courses

Provides a starting point for China Studies, including resources to find books, articles, newspapers, etc. This page also includes Chinese studies course guides, and information of travel to China.

China Studies Faculty

Butler, James Johnson 
Senior Scientist
Well hydraulics, direct-push methods for hydrostratigraphic characterization, ground-water flow and transport in heterogeneous formations, stream-aquifer interactions, phreatophytes. Experience in China, Korea, and Japan.
Cai, Hui
Assistant Professor
Architecture; health care design; relationship between culture, human behavior and physical environment

Chi, Tailan
Professor, Business
International business, the global regime of international business and business in China.

Doll, Victoria
Chinese and Korean Studies

Dwyer, Arienne M
Professor, Anthropology and Linguistics, Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
Linguistic anthropology, typology, field methods, media archives; endangered-language documentation; China and Central Asia.

Ercums, Kris Imants
Associate curator, Spencer Museum of Art
Spencer Museum Curator of Asian Art

Greene, Megan
Associate Professor, History; Director, Center for East Asian Studies
Modern Chinese history, Republican Chinese history, especially ROC science policy on Taiwan. ​

Han, Jie
Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Geotechnical engineering; geosynthetics, earth-retaining structures, ground improvement, pile foundations, and pavement design. Experience in China.

Haufler, Marsha
Professor, History of Art
Chinese art history, Korean art history

Head, John W.
Professor, Law​
Comparative law, international commerce and investment, public international law international economic law, international public law, comparative law legal history, dynastic Chinese law

Ho, Harper Virginia
Comparative corporate governance, corporate finance, and modern Chinese law

Huang, Thomas
Associate Professor, Industrial Design
Furniture-based sculpture; Asian materials

Kennedy, John
Associate Professor, Political Science
Comparative politics, Chinese politics, rural political development.

Lee, Tien-Tsung
Associate Professor, Journalism
JOUR 506, JOUR 508, JOUR 568, JOUR 676

Lhunpo, Venerable Champa Tenzin
Lecturer, East Asian Language and Cultures
Tibetan language.

Li, Xingong
Professor, Department of Geography
Geographic Information Systems

Li, Yan
Associate Professor, EALC
Chinese Linguistics andd Second Language Acquisition

McMahon, Keith
Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Chinese language and literature; Late Ming to early modern fiction, gender and sexuality.

McNair, Amy
Professor, Art History
Early Chinese art; calligraphy, aesthetics and Buddhist sculpture of the medieval period in China.​

Pan, Yue
Lecturer, East Asian Languages & Cultures
Chinese Language

Shenoy, Catherine
Senior Lecturer, Director of the Center for Business Analytics Research
Decision science and finance; doing business and investing in China.

Stevenson, Daniel B.
Professor, Chair, Religious Studies
Buddhism in China; Tiantai and Pure Land traditions.

Williams, Crispin L.
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Early Chinese paleography, language and culture; Chinese language pedagogy.

Wong-Cruz, Ketty
Associate Professor, Department of Music & Dance
Latin American art, folk, and traditional music, nationalism, identity, migration, globalization, and ballroom dancing in China

Xiao, Hui (Faye)
Associate Professor
Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature and film

Zhang, Jie
Professor, Linguistics
Phonology, phonetics, phonology-phonetics relations, tone languages, Chinese languages.

Zhang, Yan Bing
Professor, Communications Studies
Intercultural/intergenerational/mass communication in regard to cultural values, age stereotypes, conflict management, and media effects; expertise in China.

Zhao, Jane
Associate Professor, School of Business
Strategic management, corporate strategy; expertise in China.

Zhao, Yong
Foundation Distinguished Professor
Emeritus Faculty

Dardess, John W.
Professor Emeritus, History
Chinese Imperial History; Inner Asian History

Fredrickson, H. George
Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor, Public Administration
Public administration, public administration ethics, theories of public administration, systems of multi-level governance, and American local government; experience in Korea and China.

Moos, Felix
Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Socio-cultural anthropology

2018 Chinese Studies Language Courses


CHIN 104: Elementary Chinese I

CHIN 106: Elementary Chinese for Advanced Beginners

CHIN 204: Intermediate Chinese I

CHIN 251: Reading and Writing Chinese I

CHIN 342: Introduction to Classical Chinese

CHIN 498: Directed Readings in Chinese

CHIN 504: Advanced Modern Chinese I

CHIN 542: Introduction to Classical Chinese

CHIN 562: Modern Chinese Texts I

CHIN 801: Directed Readings & Research in Chinese

ANTH 293: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs in East Asia

CEAS 704: Contemporary East Asia

EALC 105: Asian Religions

EALC 130: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs in East Asia

EALC 142: Ethics in Chinese Philosophy

EALC 198: Chinese Calligraphy

EALC 318: Modern Chinese Fiction & Film

EALC 498: Directed Reading in East Asian Language & Culture

EALC 499: Honors Thesis

EALC 518: Modern Chinese Fiction & Film

EALC 584: Modern China

EALC 590: Topics in East Asian Language & Culture

EALC 701: Practicum in Teaching Chinese​

EALC 704: Contemporary East Asia

EALC 801: Directed Readings

EALC 899: Thesis

ECIV 104: Eastern Civilizations

ECIV 304: Eastern Civilizations

HA 166: The Visual Arts of East Asia

HA 789: Proseminar in Chinese Art

HA 980: Garden Culture of China

HA 990: Silk Road to Kansas: East Asian Art​ Flow

HIST 584: Modern China

IBUS 410: Intro to International Business

JOUR 590: International Journalism

JOUR 613: International Strategic Communication

REL 106: Asian Religions

REL 130: Myth, Legend & Folk Beliefs E Asia