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Provides a starting point for China Studies, including resources to find books, articles, newspapers, etc. This page also includes Chinese studies course guides, and information of travel to China.

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Visa Info

American passport holders whose passports are valid over 6 months are eligible for visa exempt entry to Taiwan for up to 30 days with no extension. For more information, please visit the following websites:

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Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is convenient in the major cities in Taiwan. Buses can bring you to every corner of the city. Taxi can be seen everywhere. In Taipei, the Taipei Metro (commonly known as MRT) has "become an essential part of life in Taipei" since it started operating.

There are many ways to travel around the island. The fastest way is Taiwan High Speed Rail, whose top speed can reach up to 300 km/h (186 mph). A slower but also convenient option is Taiwan Railway, which provides reliable train service and reasonable fares. The cheapest way is taking buses which are described in more detail in travel guides.

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Banking and Currency Exchange

 Your school will help you set up a bank account when you arrive. In general, to open a bank account, students must present their Certificate of Enrollment (in a certified program of study) passport, Record of ID No. which is applied from the Immigration Agency, other identification such as a driver license and Chinese name chop then fill out an application form at the bank of their choice. The most convenient place to open a saving/deposit account is the Post Office. When opening an account, students may also apply for an ATM card.

If you are in Taiwan on a visitor's visa you will almost certainly not be able to open a bank account.

The currency in Taiwan is New Taiwan dollar. More information about the currency can be found in the following links:

Leading Universities in Taiwan

Taiwan is pround of its higher education. Taiwan has many universities, both public and private. Some of the most respected University includes:


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Recommended Books

Study Chinese in Taiwan

Taiwan is an excellent place to study Mandarin Chinese. Although there are several dialects besides Mandarin, most people use Mandarin Chinese for daily communication, especially in the northern part of the island.There are numerous universities and programs to choose from. See the links below information on everything from scholarships, to choosing a school to study at.


The official language in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, and it is only slightly different from Mandarin Chinese used in Mainland China. There are other local dialects in Taiwan with most common one being Taiwanese Hokkien, also known as Minnan Yu which is especially prevalent in the southern part of Taiwan. You can find some commonly used Taiwanese phrases in the following links:

Using Libraries

The libraries in Taiwan are normally open to the public. However, one must obtain a borrower’s card from the service desk to check out books or use the computers in the library. Upon request, an ID is needed to get the borrower’s card.

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Museums in Taiwan

Taiwan boasts some of the best library collections in East Asia, with the National Palace Museum standing out with an unparralled collection of Chinese art from many Chinese dynasties. Other links to online collections and exhibitions related to art and culture in Taiwan are also listed below.