Linguistics: Slavic Subject headings for Online Catalog

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Slavic Subjects Headings

Subject Headings and General Call Number Ranges for Slavic Languages, Slavic Linguistics and Philology


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Slavic Languages (PG43-300)

Slavic languages—Grammar, comparative (PG59)


Slavic Languages—History (PG45-46)


Slavic Philology (PG1-41)

 Slavic language families


Slavic languages, Eastern (PG401-429)


Slavic languages, Southern (PG431-459)


Slavic languages, Western (PG471-499)

 Individual languages

 Belarusian language (PG2832-2834)


Bosnian language (PG1224-1399)


Bulgarian language (PG824-993)


ńĆakavian dialect (PG1394)


Church Slavic language (this also refers to Old Church Slavic) (PG601-698)


Common Slavic see Proto-Slavic language


Croatian language (PG1224-1399)


Czech language (PG4073-4599)


Kajkavian dialect (PG1395)


Kashubian language (PG7901-7904)


Macedonian language (PG1151-1179)


Old Church Slavic see Church Slavic language


Polabian language (PG7911-7915)


Polish language (PG6001-6840)


Proto-Slavic language (PG46)


Russian language (PG2073-2816)


Serbian language (PG1224-1399)


Serbo-Croatian language (this heading was used before 1990). See Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian.


Slovak language (PG5224-5393)


Slovenian language (PG1814-1899)


Slovincian dialect (PG7921-7925)


Sorbian languages (PG5631-5659)


Ukrainian language (PG3814-3899)


Subdivisions under individual languages (example with Croatian)

 Croatian language—Acquisition

Croatian language—Composition and exercises

Croatian language—Dialects

Croatian language—Dictionaries

Croatian language—Dictionaries—Russian [Or other languages]

Croatian language—Discourse analysis

Croatian language—Errors of usage

Croatian language—Etymology

Croatian language—Foreign countries

Croatian language—Grammar

Croatian language—Grammar, Comparative Russian [or other languages]

Croatian language—Grammar, Generative

Croatian language—Grammar, Historical

Croatian language—History

Croatian language—Idioms

Croatian language—Intonation

Croatian language—Lexicography

Croatian language—Morphology

Croatian language—Orthography and spelling

Croatian language—Phonetics

Croatian language—Phonology

Croatian language—Pronunciation

Croatian language—Pronunciation by foreign speakers

Croatian language—Pronunciation—Study and teaching

Croatian language—Punctuation

Croatian language—Revival

Croatian language—Rhetoric

Croatian language—Rhetoric—Handbooks, manuals etc.

Croatian language—Rhetoric—Problems, exercises etc.

Croatian language—Rhetoric—Study and teaching

Croatian language—Semantics

Croatian language—Social aspects

Croatian language—Spoken Croatian

Croatian language—Style

Croatian language—Syntax

Croatian language—United States [or other countries]

Croatian language—Usage

Croatian language—Variation







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