Linguistics: Library of Congress call number ranges for Linguistics topics

Guide to KU Library resources for general linguistics and Slavic linguistics topics including database information, linguistics keywords used in the Catalog, and other information

Linguistics Call Number Ranges


Linguistics Call Number Ranges


This is a general outline showing the Library of Congress call number ranges for Linguistics topics. Nearly everything in these call number ranges will be housed in Watson Library.


P1-85                      General
P87-96                    Communication. Mass media
P94.7                      Interpersonal communication
P95-95.6                 Oral communication. Speech
P98-98.5                 Computational linguistics;
                               Natural language processing
P99-99.4                 Semiotics
P99.5-99.6              Nonverbal communication

P101-410                Language. Linguistic theory;
                               Comparative grammar
P118-118.7             Language acquisition
P121-149                Science of language
P201-299                Comparative grammar
P215-240                Phonetics and Phonology
P241-290                Morphology
P291-298                Syntax
P299                       Other
P301-301.5              Style. Composition. Rhetoric
P302-302.87            Discourse analysis
P304-305                 Vocabulary
P306-310                 Translating and interpreting
P321-324.5              Etymology
P325-325.5              Semantics
P326-326.5              Lexicology
P327-327.5              Lexicography
P331-365.5              Comparative lexicography
P367                        Dialectology
P368                        Standard language
P375-381                 Linguistic geography

P501-675                 Indo-European philology

P901-1091               Extinct ancient
                                and medieval languages

Other call number ranges outside the P range

BF455-463               Psycholinguistics

QP399                     Neurolinguistics

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