Linguistics: Call number Range for Slavic

Guide to KU Library resources for general linguistics and Slavic linguistics topics including database information, linguistics keywords used in the Catalog, and other information

Call numbers (Slavic)

Library of Congress Call Number Outline for Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian languages


General Slavic languages and philology periodicals will be mostly in PG1


PG1-583                   General  (Slavic Philology, Linguistics, etc)                

PG601-789               Church Slavic

PG771-789                Bulgarian Church Slavic

PG801-1158              Bulgarian

PG1171-1189             Serbian Church Slavic

PG1201-1798            Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian

PG1801-1998            Slovenian

PG2001-3698            Russian

PG3801-3998            Ukrainian

PG4001-5198            Czech

PG5201-5598            Slovak

PG5631-5698            Sorbian/Wendish

PG6001-7498            Polish

PG7900-7925            Minor Slavic Dialects

PG8001-9198            Balto-Slavic

PG8201-8208            Old Prussian

PG8501-8798            Lithuanian

PG8801-9198            Latvian

PG9501-9678            Albanian

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