BUS 305 - Business Writing -- Nonprofit Assignment: Nonprofits

What information is available on a nonprofit websites?

Be sure to find the nonprofits official website.  Nonprofits usually have top domains of .org, .net, and .np. 

Internet search tip: include a site filter in your search. For example: "Just Food" site:.org

The nonprofit's tried to follow best practices for the content and layout of the website.  Information you can expect to find:



Leadership/Organizational Structure


Financials (Annual reports, 990 Filings)

News releases


How to donate

How to volunteer

and more...


Find and Learn about Specific Nonprofits

Listed below are organizations that make it easier to discover and learn about nonprofits.  Most provide a variety of search options such as keyword, nonprofit by type, location/geographic scope, and income.  Several are also watchdog organizations that monitor and evaluate nonprofits. 


Watchdog groups/organizations monitory the activities of nonprofits.  This guides provides access to some to the most common go to watchdog organizations that donors rely on for evaluation of values such as of transparency, mission impact, and fiscal responsibility.  

Learn more about more watchdog organizations:

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