BUS 305 - Business Writing -- Nonprofit Assignment: Reports

Government Information and Nonprofits

Reports produced outside of scholarly publications and popular media can provide valuable information about nonprofit activities as well as about the issues nonprofits are addressing.

Government organizations are a good source of reports regarding your selected nonprofit. 

The nonprofit you are researching will file forms with the IRS, might apply for and receive funding, and could have partnership agreements with governmental agencies. Your nonprofits might also be part of past or current litigation.  

When you search the internet using a general internet search engine or USA.gov place quotations marks around the name of the nonprofit to disambiguate the phrase.  Conduct searches combining the nonprofit name with keywords such as litigation, grants, cooperation, partner*.

Finding Government Information Resources

Issue Lab

Trade/industry association and nongovernment organizations produce reports about nonprofits.  The organizations might categorize this reports as white papers, working papers, profiles, analysis, documents, filing, etc.  You can use specific databases, website or do general internet searches.

Business Databases

Use the following databases to discover news and trade publications about the nonprofit sector.  

Nonprofit Sector Trade Resources