BUS 305 - Business Writing -- Nonprofit Assignment: Interviews

Should I interview someone?

Talking to people who have benefited, who donated, or who work for a charity is a great way to gain new insight.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  If you are not sure how to do this, this guide has a few suggestions to get started and questions to consider.

Looking for ideas?

Where can I find published interviews, testimonials, and reviews?

Published interviews with people that represent the organization might appear in popular media sources such as news articles, magazine articles, or videos. Look for interviews with the founder, the current chief executives, board members, and others. You can find the names of key people on the nonprofit website and the Form 990 Filings.  

Individual's reviews as donors or testimonials of benefactors can be found in the popular media (news)  and social media (personal blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) .

Great Nonprofits provides a platform for people to rate and comment on nonprofits.