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Tailored to fit the needs of students working on research projects for SLAV 144/145 Survey of Russian Literature in Translation (20th century).

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Introduction to Research for Slavic Folklore

Welcome to the Research Guide to SLAV 144 Survey of Russian Literature in Translation (20th Century). This guide presents research tools that you will need to complete research-related assignments for the course. It will help you:

  • understand the differences between primary and secondary sources;
  • know more about the library and its resources, human and material;
  • better understand how to locate needed materials in a variety of formats;
  • be more able to evaluate and choose the best materials.

Image: Б. Пастернак, Л. Брик, В. Маяковский, С. М. Эйзенштейн (image from Wikimedia Commons)

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