Russian Literature in Translation (20C): Reference

Tailored to fit the need of students working on research projects for SLAV 144/145 Survey of Russian Literature in Translation (20th century)


Why Reference sources?

General and specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries are an excellent place to begin collecting background information on a topic.  They typically provide a concise overview as well as a bibliography of core works.  There are many specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries relevant to folklore.  Some of these include information on Slavic folklore.  Reference works will often lead you to the most reliable sources on a topic.  This strategy can be more effective than random searches in the catalog because the content in reference works has already been vetted for quality.  In the middle column to the right you will find a list of useful reference sources.

Encyclopedias of Russian Literature (in English)


Book review indexes

Book Review Digest indexes and abstracts reviews of English language adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction titles. Reviews are selected from journals in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and library review media. Includes only reviews that have appeared within 18 months of the book's publication. (Restricted to 4 simultaneous users.)

Slavic & Eurasian Studies

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