PubMed database guide: "My NCBI" - Saving searches

Provides hints to accessing the literature in PubMed

What is "My NCBI"?

"My NCBI" can be used to store search strategies, create bibliographies, organize citations into collections, and manage the filters.  Search strategies can be set to automatically run against database updates with the results sent to your e-mail account.  You need to register for an account at the My NCBI link.   To save a search, click on Save Search at the top of the results screen after running a search.

You can also search PubMed in your My NCBI account.  Once you Save the search, you have an option to receive e-mail updates of new search results or just save the search to use later.  You can even select how often to run searches and what day of the week you want to receive citations in your e-mail.  If you want the "Get at KU" link to appear with the citations sent to your e-mail, you must follow these steps in your My NCBI account:

  • When you save a search, you are prompted for an option for e-mail updates. 
  • Under Formats, change Report format to Abstract.
  • The "Get at KU" link will only appear with monthly or weekly updates.
  • Click on NCBI Site Preferences at the top of the initial My NCBI page.
  • Click on Outside Tool
  • From that long list, select and save Get at KU - University of Kansas Libraries