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Provides hints to accessing the literature in PubMed


PubMed is a database of bibliographic information collected mainly from the life sciences and clinical medicine literature.  PubMed also provides access and links to the integrated molecular biology databases developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.  MEDLINE is the major component of PubMed and is the National Library of Medicine's database containing citations and abstracts from over 5,600 journals published around the world.  MEDLINE includes references to articles dating from 1948 to the present with some older material.


PubMed is a database freely available on the internet but use this URL to search PubMed to capture the "Get at KU" feature on the full records which will link to articles if available through subscriptions with the KU Libraries.  This is particularly useful when searching PubMed off campus.

Mobile access to PubMed

Here is the URL to access PubMed on your mobile device.

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Ask a Librarian

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