Library Resources for Online and Distance Students: Document Delivery & Interlibrary Borrowing

This guide contains library services for students participating in online and distance classes at KU.

Document Delivery of KU Owned Materials

Electronic scans of articles and book chapters from KU owned journals, books and other materials are available through our Document Delivery service.

How do I place a Document Delivery request?

  • Check the KU Library Catalog to confirm that KU libraries owns the item containing your article (or book chapter).
  • Note the call number and the location where the item is held.
  • Go to WebRetrieve and log on.
  • Select the "Request an Article - Available in KU libraries" option.
  • Complete the form with all the required bibliographic information.
  • Submit request.

How long will it take to receive my articles?

Articles will be ready within three working days if the requested item is on the shelf. Turnaround time excludes weekends and public holidays.

How do I get the articles I requested?

  • You will receive an email notification when your articles have been delivered to WebRetrieve.
  • To retrieve your articles, login to WebRetrieve and click on "Your PDFs" under "View". You can download or print your articles from here.
  • Your copies will remain on WebRetrieve for 14 days after you have received your email notification.

What items are NOT eligible for Document Delivery?

  • Articles located electronically through our databases.
  • Books or Dissertations in their entirety.
  • Complete issues of journals.
  • Items in poor or fragile condition.
  • Journal articles or book chapters over 50 pages in length.

FInd more information regarding Document Delivery at

Interlibrary Loan of Non-KU Owned Materials

KU students in good standing with a valid KUID are eligible for borrowing items from non-KU Libraries at no cost through our InterLibrary Borrowing service.

What can be requested through InterLibrary Borrowing?

Requests may be made for items that are currently unavailable from the KU Libraries (checked out, missing, declared lost, etc.) or are not owned by the KU Libraries. Submit your requests through WebRetrieve for anything that supports your class and research needs.

      Items available through Interlibrary Loan include :

             Book Chapters
             Journal Articles
             Microfilm or Microfiche items
             Conference Proceedings
             Theses, Dissertations or Reports
             Audio/Visual Materials

       Note: Some libraries will not lend certain types of materials, making them difficult to obtain on loan. Often it depends
       on the lending libraries' policies.

How do I place an Interlibrary Borrowing request?

  • Log in to WebRetrieve.  For help logging in, see our WebRetrieve video tutorials.
  • Once you have logged in to WebRetrieve you may request:
    • an article not available from KU Libraries
    • a book chapter not available from KU Libraries
    • a loan not available from KU Libraries
  • If you have trouble accessing WebRetrieve, contact Resource Sharing at 785-864-3960 or by email:

How do I get the items I requested?

If you requested an article or book chapter, you will be sent an email alerting you when the scanned, electronic copy of the article/chapter is available via WebRetrieve.  If the item is a loaned item in print or other material, you will be able to choose whether to pick it up at one of the KU Libraries Service Desks or, if eligible, may be able to request Home Delivery (see Home Delivery tab, above, for more information).

Full details regarding InterLibrary Borrowing of materials can be found at

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