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  • AND, OR, NOT to combine or connect search terms (to narrow or broaden search results)
  • quotation marks to indicate phrases: "Divina Comedia"
  • opening and closing parentheses to group search terms
  • * to truncate: donn* (will find singular and plural donna and donne)
  • ? as a wildcard: wom?n (will find singular and plural of woman and women) 


Dante AND critica?

Dante AND “Divina Commedia”

poesia AND Italia 

"Italian Resistance" AND wom?n

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Information on Finding and Using E-books

E-books allow you to access and read books online from your computer or mobile device. In many cases multiple readers can access the same e-book simultaneously.  E-books also allow you to quickly search, download, print, or link to specific book and chapter content.   

E-books are available in many resources. This guide helps staff and patrons to identify library databses and collections that contain e-books, how to search for them through the library catalog, and how to use them in their coursework and teaching.    In this guide you will find information about:

LC Classification & Call Numbers

How are LC call numbers organized?

The LC classification system groups together books on similar subjects by means of their call numbers A-Z. There are 21 main LC call number classifications or classes:

For more information, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline. Click on a class to view its subclasses.

The LC call number range for Italian Literature is PQ 4001- PQ 5999.

PQ4001-4199.5 History and criticism

PQ4001-4063 General PQ4064-4075

Early to 1500 PQ4077-4088 Modern

PQ4091-(4131) Poetry

PQ4133-4160 Drama

PQ4161-4185 Prose

PQ(4186)-(4199) Folk literature

PQ4199.5 Juvenile literature (General)

PQ4201-4263 Collections

PQ4201-4204 General

PQ4205-4206 Translations

PQ4207-4225 Poetry

PQ4227-4245 Drama

PQ4247-4263 Prose

PQ4265-4556 Individual authors and works to 1400

PQ4561-4664 Individual authors, 1400-1700

PQ4675-4734 Individual authors, 1701-1900

PQ4800-4851 Individual authors, 1900-1960

PQ4860-4886 Individual authors, 1961-2000

PQ4900-4926 Individual authors, 2001-

PQ5901-5999 Regional, provincial, local, etc.

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