Pharmaceutical Sciences: RSC Voucher Program

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Royal Society of Chemistry Gold for Gold Open Access Vouchers

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a publisher of chemistry journals that has offered authors at institutions with subscriptions for its journal content (which KU has) the ability to request open access status for accepted papers they publish with the RSC.  The “Gold for Gold” voucher program allows an author, once a paper has been accepted, to request from their university a voucher code to use when requesting “gold” open access status.

The voucher will waive the usual open access author charges that RSC and some other Open Access and “hybrid Open Access” publishers offer.

This “Gold” status means that the publisher’s final published version will be available open access under a Creative Commons License, in RSC’s otherwise closed-access, subscription only journal. The author would be free to post a copy of that same paper on his/her website or KU ScholarWorks, for example.

KU Libraries has secured a limited number of vouchers for KU authors publishing with RSC. Please contact to request a voucher. Once the author has the voucher code, he/she can use the Gold for Gold online acceptance form.

Even without the Gold open access voucher, RSC allows authors to share the accepted manuscript (post-peer reviewed version) after an embargo of 12 months. Open access to these versions of the scholarly paper is a valid kind of “open access”, often called “Green Open Access”.  We can help with this as well.

The Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright offers to deposit either a “Gold” or “Green” open access paper in KU ScholarWorks, KU’s online open access archive of scholarly work, helping faculty to participate in the faculty’s Open Access Policy.  


For help at KU, email Ada Emmett